Got my orders

I got my bunny bear bags and they are awesome! Love them so much. I also was lucky enough to be able  to order the new Alice and the Pirates Sleeping Beauty JSK in the cream color. Its sooo cute!!!
Now I just need to get some sweaters and bloomers and other stuff

My first Order!

So after alot of lurking around on lolita sites and buying a few things used, I decided that I wanted to get some new stuff and of course my crazy self decided that the Baby bunny bear bag was where I should start. I didn't just get one though, I got three and a cell charm. Gee I hope I love them as much in person as I do online

So I did attempt to place an order with them last month for a lucky pack and I was very upset because I never heard anything back from them. It turned out that I had not confirmed my order or anything.

Here goes to waiting for my package and that there wont be any fees and such.